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Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a post-secondary entertainment arts school. In just one intensive year at VFS you receive a comprehensive education balancing theoretical instruction and hands-on production. VFS is known as the studio that teaches.

At VFS people will receive a one-year education equal to four years at other schools. Whether they're making films, designing video games, or bringing animated characters to life, they will create a body of work to showcase their abilities and launch their career.

Vancouvers entertainment culture is driven by robust industries for film, design, TV, animation, video games, and sound production. Nestled between mountains and ocean, Vancouver is beautiful, safe, and cosmopolitanthe ideal place to create.

Their alumni work for leading companies worldwide, win awards for their projects, and have their films screened at international film festivals. VFS, like the entertainment industry, values the ability to produce quality results above all else.

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